There is reason, Text Tattoo

There is reason, Text Tattoo I also believe that everything happens for a reason! Everything that happens to us in life is there to teach us something about others, and about ourselves. If two people meets, despites their differences. They will only both feel free and happy, if each one of them can be themselves, feeling the trust is there! Opening the doors so that they can learn from each other, accepting and learning from their differences. Sometimes we think our love has disapeared when we have a conflict! I personally think we should take the opportunity to understand why it happened! And what we can dot to feel in peace again! Found this tattoo today on another blog! There is also another tattoo to symbolise the friendship between two girls! Along other tattoo things!

I often find that conflicts, or hard moments can help you getting a step closer to enlightenment, if only you accept to see your mind for what it really is! To understand the mechanisms that pushes to reach the conclusion you try to work hard and justify to yourselves. That's where I believe it is necessary to work at the roots of our thinking. The essence, the temple of our minds. The roots of our thinking. If you manage to push yourselve beyond your ego! Acting solely on love and compassion! I also understand that love and respect does not always mean accepting everything! Would you spend your life being kind and avoiding conflicts with someone who is detroying themselves! No, sometimes, love is also about putting the limits that are necessary so that the person can understand that despites your love! You are only trying your best! After all we are all human, and it is not easy to always know if our actions are right!

One tip from what I have understood from life so far! If you understand your ego, and accept not to be tricked by its mechanisms! Take the time to meditate, and act with your heart! You are already putting yourselve on the right path! After that, time will tell! And if you realise you have made a mistake! Apologise! To life and to who ever is concerned.

Peace. Dear Butterfly! I love you!

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by Yoso