Personal Tattoo!

plane tattoo Got a comment from Shaun today :) and as I am curious, went to check his blog :) When I happily found one of the nicest stories regarding the tattoo he got done on himself! Really like the way he describes the meaning of his tattoo! Again, one demonstration of how personal are tattoos!


"In this time and place, tattooes are everywhere. It’s common to see them on just about everyone we meet who are in their twenties and thirties. My wife has three herself and I have one. The one tattoo that is emblazoned on my skin is a tribute. It’s a remembrance of a man who meant the world to me. The man who instilled a set of morals that has shaped and haunted me as I grew into the man I am today. My grandfather, a distinguished man, a stand up man, a comical man, and a compassionate man, who loved his family and always strived to do what was best for all of us. My grandmother was just as equal as he was and many times superceded this man who I looked up to so much."

Have another Look at the pic above! Think about what it might mean! Then read the full story here!

by Yoso