About Yoso


Finding inspiration in Life, Nature, Buddhism & Japanese Spirituality. Through Practice and commitment, Yoso aims to create art that transcends soul, body and mind.

Dedicated to the arts, Yoso studied European traditions and contemporary culture before pursuing a growing interest for Eastern philosophies.

A quest for integrity, lead him to seek a discipline that encourage rigour, while at the same time celebrating the visual language. Tattooing manifested itself as the chosen path.  

Gradually developing an understanding for Japanese tattoo and its culture, it became clear that the practice would be an encouragement to surpass oneself while developing a deeper sense of humility. 

Later trained as Reiki master, refining the senses, nurturing conscience, a greater awareness for the subtile energies that influences our lives, revealed some aspects of what is often hidden to the eye. 

While the work can not be categorised as purely traditional, it is a reflexion on Japanese aesthetics, Japanese culture a what can be described as a meditative approach to life and creativity. 

Being one in the here and now, discovering each individual as it is a life time commitment to carve the skin, presents us with a great opportunity to evolve and connect with life.

Yoso's main studies are pursued through the practice of the Japanese Tattoo, while simultaneously developing a series of paintings that celebrates the flow with simplicity. 

Whether Inspired by Nature, the Human mind, or symbols that originated from spiritual traditions. Balance and Dynamism - Wild expression and a sense of harmony, are all celebrated.

Do not Hesitate to get in touch with your Questions.