Relaxed and fun

rhar Another tattoo story, and an other blog i found :) Nice to see so many blogs telling tattoo stories! AT Least a medium that gets exposed and explained with sincerity!


"I have a grand sense of adventure and love of the childhood feelings of curiosity. I believe in trying to live life for that little sparkle of amazement and the smile and sense of magic that comes from it. Too many people try to take life and many things in it much more seriously than they deserve to be taken. I went to art school for some time and I came out with the artistic philosophy that “relaxed and fun” are the only things that mattered to me. People need to all mellow out. Relax! Smile! Drop all the silly ways we’ve learned to skew the world over the years and remember how simple and wonderful it was when you were a kid. Dinosaurs! Rhar!"

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by Yoso