Travelling through Japan

A quick hello to everyone from Japan. And some apologizes about not posting anything at the moment. But I am in the middle of it. So you'll have to bear with me. Note if any of you want to introduce me to someone from Japan. Please drop me an email. I have been so far exploring a few things on the tourist map and a few things you would only discover if guided by what I would call more underground Japanese. To cover more mainstream activities. Two things that hit me when visiting the Kumamoto Castle and the Suizenji Jojuen Garden is the beauty and simplicity found in their crafts. Almost mystical, and spiritual in their balance. It made me think a lot about what tattoo really is. And how it balances between art and craft. A simple example would be about the last few months were I almost obssesively tried to draw the perfect Sakura (Cherry Blossoms). It took me to come over here to realize that it didn't exist. There is too many perfect representations to find the one. And definitely so much more than one can find in the tattoo culture. At the moment, I find myself learning more tracing others drawings than drawing mines. The artist coming back with its feet on earth. Not trying to reinvent anything all the time. But bowing with respect for the traditions and the people who have created these things before me. It is even more obvious when you have to try spiritual figures, such as Buddhas or Gods. The line is so perfect in what I have seen. That I am still not able to draw them in one line. Maybe laziness, maybe I'll get there. But I feel more in tune when tracing over a drawing that has been perfected for eventually thousands of years. I'll say more later. For now, You can be sure than when I come back from Japan, I won't be just inspired by Japanese culture but I hope that I will be able to bring back a little bit of its spirit. (btw, The common people are very humbling). Something you will definitely feel in my drawings and in the way I will create and tattoo from now on. A lot of transformations already happened over here. thanks to my host and to the people I have met. I really recommend anyone who is serious about tattooing or art to do their trip to Japan.

More coming later.



by Yoso