dotworkDot Work by Dan Dimattia

A really cool tattoo Blog ran by the Wife of the famous Dan Dimattia from Calypso tattoo who make some really nice Black and white work (as in pic above). For 'Tribal' Lovers make sure you check Check out the videos Leo zuluetathe from Spiral tattoo! Trevor Marshall from Oceanic Tattoo, Keone Nunes, The Rangifu Netana. And don't miss the video from ZUlu Either! We are definitely on the same wave length!. For Japanese Tattoo lovers, Make sure you check the Horiyoshi III Videos. It will give you some insight of what Horiyoshi thinks about tattoo, and also views from one of his students, HORITAKA. Quite a few video interviews from well known artists! A tattoo studio is like a temple, when the tattoo artists really put his whole being in creating a spiritual art for mankind! Enjoy :)

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