Traditional Japanese Tattoo by Horiyoshi III

Traditional Japanese Tattoo by Horiyoshi III, click on this one, it's a really good quality pic. Perfect for details Horiyoshi III, Great Tattoo master! As always it is a delight to look at his work!

When: Until 28th of September Where: Sjöfartsmuséet

If you are into the art of tattoos or maybe want some inspiration for your next piece, don’t miss the ongoing Japanese tattoo exhibition at Sjöfartsmuseet. For thousands of years man has had the need to express himself through tattoos. The exhibition shows Japanese tattoo art developed from a craft tradition dating back several centuries. An art form created in the East, but which has much inspired the western world’s choice of tattoos. On display are photographs of the amazing tattoos made by the contemporary Japanese tattoo artist Horiyoshi III (Yoshihito Nakano) The exhibition wishes to prompt questions about man’s infinite and timeless need to ornament his body, but also about how cultural heritage is created and renewed.


by Yoso