Ryūjin from Matt Lyon

Ryūjin_550 We've invited Matt to contribute to our volume one with one of his illustration. A great example of what we could call contemporary traditional Japanese illustration. An interesting mash up! Lines, texture and colours are definitely alive! The project is evolving, we have now decided to include more art and contemporary elements from Japanese visual culture today. We're aiming for 740 pages. So that readers can enjoy traditional work, along contemporary work, looking at Japanese Tattoo scenes and seeing their origins in old prints.

Also as tattoo evolves with the culture it lives in. It should give us some fresh insights into how Japanese Tattoo will be evolving along other tattoo cultures in a global world. Including pop culture becoming cultural symbol and the kawaii kawaii attitude that defintely made a mark in tattoo today.

If you wish to contribute to our first volume on japanese tattoo, including japanese arts and photographs from Japan. Please read our first invitation to tattoo artists, or contact us . Find out more about Matt here!

Thank you!

by Yoso