Love, Tattoo and comments, Kanji Blog

Love, Tattoo and comments, Kanji Blog Got a lovely comment from TOAN, to say how great the yoso tattoo blog is. And how hard it is to find a quality tattoo blog! Thanks to TOAN, as this inspires me in posting more entries. So if you know any other great tattoo blogs, and obviously any good tattoo resources, or anything related! Let me know!

This Blog is made with love, afters years of visual arts and new technologies, I finally ended up in Tattoo, chi, and other spiritual quests! I'll post something Abouts asian philosophy. Heart = mind = soul? more soon :)

Kanji blog here! Will upload more soon, as this is something I will probably spend a few years studying! Get in tune with asian philosohy, if the heart is the mind. What does it say about life and about the brain!

by Yoso