Carpe Diem Tattoo

Carpe Diem TattooCurvy Carpe Diem, However in my view to thick

Carpe Diem Tattoo Half Gothic, A little bit too black, lack of Flow

Carpe Diem Tattoo Chosen Style, more decorative elements to be added

Carpe Diem Tattoo Next Session, connecting With beautiful Curves

Had to do a carpe Diem today! I Was checking around see if I could find a better design than the one I have created. I was myself hesitating between gothic or curves! As it's for a big black boy! I initially thought that gothic could do. But we've decided it would be a bit too cliche and wouldn't suit his personality. So we going for curvy, fairly think and elegant lines! He's tall, and dark ladies! He's strong, but most importantly, what we want to reflect in the style, He's also quite subtile, elegant and sensitive.

When ever he is ready, I want to do a waterfall centered with clouds, sun rays, birds and other details to reinforce the power of the Carpe Diem!

Message for all of us! Carpe Diem, Seize the day! Do the most of every day like if it could be your first one of your last one!

Btw. if you have a nice carpe Diem Tat! Let us know! Peace

Pics coming from rate my ink! So give them a visit :)

by Yoso