Fujin, 風神, Japanese God of the wind!

source unknown Fūjin (風神?) is the Japanese god of the wind and one of the eldest Shinto gods. He was present at the creation of the world and when he first let the winds out of his bag, they cleared the morning mists and filled the Gate between heaven and earth so the sun shone. He is portrayed as a terrifying dark demon, resembling a red headed black humanoid wearing a leopard skin, carrying a large bag of winds on his shoulders. A legend of Chinese Buddhism states that Fūjin and Raijin, the god of thunder, were both originally evil demons who opposed Buddha. They were captured in battle with Buddha's army of heaven, and have worked as gods since then.

Fujin and Raijin are some of the most Popular Japanese Gods. Very often Tattooed!  If you go in Kyoto, It will be very obvious to you. With the heavy storm and the rainy season we get in Japan! It makes sense to respect the natural elements!

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by Yoso