Homage to Mahakala, Black on Black, by Tashi Mannox. Tibetan Calligraphy.

Tibetan Calligraphy, Homage to Mahakala by Tashi Mannox

Mahakala is a protector of the Dharma, a wrathful manifestation of the Buddha, practiced as a deity to over-come inner and outer obstacles and to transform anger into Compassion.

In Sanskrit Maha means great and Kala means black, these words are shown in the Tibetan Uchen script as the white teeth that He bears in this art piece, prayers of invocation are written smaller in black on the black body surrounding the face. He has three bulging eyes that represent all seeing of the three times, past present and future.The small text at the very bottom reads ‘Homage to Mahakala’.

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by Yoso