Flames, Peace and Purity

Fire Tattoo Finally drew the flames on my forearm yesterday! A really deep peaceful feeling occured. Purity is on its way! On the path of enlightenment. Challenges are presented. This time! I finally understood that I was misunderstanding Anger and Believe! Conflict does not always occur because of Anger! Conflict are sometimes unavoidable when you decide to act based on your believes. It helps you becoming aware of the paradoxes or divisions that exists within you. It does not mean you need to hate the source of your conflict. Rather a problem to solve! Know yourselve! Know the self. Can compassion really save the soul that does not want to listen because it is possessed. I personally believe so, and have decided to walk on that path. Enjoying every Step! I know I am now protected from the self, and from the evil forces that sometimes challenge me.

Tibetan Flames Tattoo

Like the Phoenix, or the sun! Not self destructive but self regenerating! A pure source of light! A pure source of love. Pure Force! The Force is with us! May Light be shining upon all of us!

* Check the Tibetan view on compassion

by Yoso