Buddhist Tattoo

Buddhist Tattoo Sacred Art! one could call it! Another story of a spiritual tattoo done to a non Thai guy! The more I progress on the path! The more I believe in the force that exists within tattoing with conscience. This as always been my feeling, since my first tattoo which symbolised the union of inner and external forces. Every message I have received while tattoing, was clear, like a mantra to meditate. Or sometimes like a huatou one can try to understand for a life time. Sacred Art like Buddhism is travelling to the west! Conscience is rising! The one who seeks find. I have made the vow to become one of the disciples, revealing the buddha within. Thank you to everyone who works hard to share the love and light, to act on their believes! Thank you to the shaolin monks for teaching me the art of sacred energy! Sacred Universal source of well being! One of the best teachings I have ever had the chance to receive to help personal development and harmony within and without! I know that once I will have finally healed myself. If I have the chance of living to a really old age, I will be able to help others on their own pathh too! Sacred words, I ecourage everyone to try to walk the path! The transformations in your lifes, are beyond expectations! More than words, Actions for the well being of oneself and for life with all the respect we can have for the sacred 'form'.

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by Yoso