European Tattoo Tour

Baku Dream Eater I wish to say a big thanks to all the people who have commissioned me for their tattoos so far! I did not expect so  many people!  This is really helping my studies, I am glad you've all ask me to do beautiful work! It is with humble respect I am going to create your designs and you tattoos! This is gonna be a really busy and relaxing time!  I am looking forward to meet you all!

Still Many hours of drawing and preparations before the travel! And a lot of stuff to organise.

Confirmed So Far. London, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Valencia (Maybe Madrid), Zurich, Short Stay in Luxembourg, Maybe Italy. Arrival in London end of May, more or less three months in Europe! You can find the schedule (Places and time) Here!

Long Life to Soul Art! Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso