Eikon EMS 300

Eikon EMS 300 Post Digital creation Culture? Am Laughing loud now! After much hesitation, I finally bought an Eikon to try it. I can not comment on the Critical CX-2. Everything seems big compared to an IPOD!  But this Eikon Feels Very Very Stable & So accurate! Almost like a synth! You can enjoy each 0.1 Volt Note :) Love It! The interface is almost perfect! Only wished the Constant On - OFF Setting for the pedal was accessible in one Button Press not Three by the time you back to the menu!  At the end of the day its not like if you switched every 30 sec so its ok! Definitely Better than a switch on the cord or in the Pedal Jack Slot! A little big if you're always travelling maybe. Saying this it is light. Perfect size for a studio! Yet to Put under Pressure!  So Far! There is no way back to what I used before!

Yet I still want to play with the critical too! To make sure, that well maybe I need both LOL :) (Greedy Bastard).

by Yoso