Yoso 2009-2019

A little time to reflect over the last 10 years! Grateful for all the friendship, the love, the patrons!
It is so humbling to have the chance to live as an artist aka soul carver.

Much of my work is never seen to the eye. Years of studies that I slowly share with the world. Those who really know me understand.

The last couple of months, back in Japan, brought much needed relaxation, Focus on family, meditation, reiki! Keeping things simple and meaningful.

So I have heard, The Shingon practice of kaji is generally understood to be a mutual empowerment of self and Buddha that occurs in esoteric interpenetration visualizations. So I have heard, energy is the underlying flow what ever we manifest. Is it the ultimate art?

I am due a trip to Europe! It should start In November! For a few weeks!
Hit me up with your bookings!

Looking forward to meet you again!

Best wishes!



by Yoso