Yellow Blaze vs Horiyoshi III tattoo

Horiyoshi 3 Horyoshi III,

Two of the best Japanese Tattoo artists I know of. If Horysoshi III seems to have the monopol in terms of Japanese export. I wonder if Yellow blaze could gain the same reputation as Horiyoshi III, he is definitely getting there! Having an increasing interest in Asian culture. From a visual and philosophical point of view. It seems that the Horyoshi III style is very in keep with the visual japanese tradition, even if some traditional Japanese Tattoo artists consider him forward thinking. I.e. he might have been one the first to use machines. Can one say that the Yellow Blaze tattoos are much stronger and vice versa? or much more colourful?  I agree they work on different levels, and If I do personally prefer Horyoshi III for its more 'abstract patterns', everyday Shige's inspire my research. I love the more traditional use of colours, but as a creative soul, I find very hard to stick to them! I take this opportunity to thanks both Tattoo artists for the great inspirations they bring us!

by Yoso