Vegan & Organic Tattoo Ink

I have recently discovered Stable Color that produces vegan Tattoo ink. However, I haven't tested them myself. Yoso Tattoo wants to use 'clean ink', even if it  means faster loss of colour, especially for the people who wish to have a 100% ethical tattoo.

We believe the number of tattoo artist and clients looking for vegan and organic/ethical tattoo inks will increase. I am asking to all of you if they know and have tested Vegan and/or Organic Tattoo ink. If they can provide guidance if they make their own inks, or if they know a Tattoo ink brand that actually list all the ingredients used for each colour, Preferably Organic, ethical and/or Vegan!

Thanks to all of you for your feedback! This might be the most important post on our blog. Please helps us and the community.

Many thanks


by Yoso