Tiger Sleeve Tattoo First Draft

Tiger Tattoo Sleeve First Draft of a Tiger Tattoo Sleeve for a new client in the greater New York Area. First Lines so that we can discuss the concept and see where we want to go with it.

For every design I prepare I kind of tune in the person's life, following their ideas but also almost like if I grasped an aspect of the personality that needs to be expressed or balanced in the design. Very abstract somehow, but I do relate this to the fact that in most cases People are happy with the first idea as an initial foundation.  I have been asked to create a design with a tiger and cherry blossoms. In this case I felt very strongly a Sakura storm with a lot of leafs flying and a lot of wind. This could be very dynamic and provide a nice balance with the tiger body! Stay Tuned if you wish to find out more about the next draft once I have the customer's feedback!

You can see the second draft here!

Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso