Tibetan Tattoos? A Way of Life!

:: From Ink Essentials by Tashi Mannox*** Make sure you check Rebecca van Ommen, who shot and composed the amazing portrait of Tashi!

Tashi's Dream of Drinking Ink by Rebecca van Ommen

Do you feel respect and love for Tibetan culture and traditions? Do you feel Tibetan symbols can help you on the path? Do you want to tattoo yourself with Tibetan Script? Or simply wish you had a beautiful Piece of Caligraphy at home, keeping you company? Forget the Image Galleries selling you Tattoo designs! Or the prints sold in mass! Get in touch with someone who has a true understanding of Tibetan Scripts! Someone who will help you, in making your Tibetan Tattoo, your very own! Someone you can trust, will put his passion and love for buddhist scriptures in the design he will create for you; Someone who will put their own energy and love for buddhism in every drop of ink! not only from a visual perspective! But with true love and dedication! In other words! It's simple! I recommend you to get in touch with Tashi Mannox. One of your most trusted sources in the field of Buddhist scripts especially designed and composed for tattoos.

Script by Tashi - Om in Uchen Style - Tibetan Script - Tibetan Tattoo

Tashi is an Englishman who started on his path in the arts and meditation at the tender age of 11. After he finished his formal art degree training, he became a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan Karma Kagyu order. For the next 17 years he studied under a Tibetan master of arts called Sherab Palden Beru, apprenticing in the elaborate art of temple decoration and Tibetan calligraphy. In his finishing year as a monk, Tashi studied under a master of the rare ancient Sanskrit forms, namely Lanza and Wartu in Dharamsala. Tashi is also accomplished in the neo-Mongolian/Tibetan seal script called HORYIG.

Script by Tashi - Om in Lenza Script

Tashi was called into the world of tattoo by his dedication and expertise in Tibetan calligraphy, as well as by his understanding of Buddhist iconography and traditional temple decoration. He is not a tattooist, but an artist who provides designs for tattoos, with a sacred knowledge, respect and concern for correctly formed scripts for tattoo design in this field.

Tashi feels a responsibility to set and maintain a high standard in the written Tibetan language. He is at the cutting edge of contemporary Tibetan tattoo art forms, from which many of the worlds leading tattoo artists ask of Tashi’s expertise and guidance, inspired to integrate his creations into their own tattoo design.

Script by Tashi - Om in khamyig script, One of the Umeh Styles of Tibetan Script

The artworks are individually hand painted on high quality watercolour paper, signed and sealed by the artist’s characteristic water tiger seal. This stands in its own right as a collectable art piece with proven provenance. The artwork also provides a clear and precise template that can be transferred to your skin by the tattoo artist of your choice.

Depending on where you are based, Tashi can sometimes recommend a professional tattoo artist that best suits the style of your commissioned design. Tashi will not accept the request to copy another tattoo artist's design; he also will not sell his own design to more than one client. The exclusive design produced is primarily the result of collaboration with you and therefore personal to you only.

Script by Tashi - Mani mantra with double heading - Tibetan Tattoo

Tattoo done by Jondix of Barcelona, Flame and text design by Tashi ; showing a handsome Pani mantra of protection in the Tibetan Khamyig script style with red vowel signs.

Script and design by Tashi - The three gates, body, speech and mind, Om Aa Hum, in a stylised Uchen script i designed, dot effect tattoo by Xed le Head.

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