Tibetan Flames

Fire Tattoo Thinking about new ideas to complete the back of my fore arm. Sometimes when you get the anger, you really feel you have to reconsider your inner desires. However, after challenging the self and the ego, I realise there wasn;t any other way at that time with the way I felt! Can fire be born our of compassion? Time to put some flames around my 'OM MANI PADNE HUM', probably mixed with air and clouds. Found a really cool Book ,entitled, 'the Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs". Describing the fire used as wrath around deities as wisdom-anger manifesting in its most indestructable or 'vajra' nature, with the capacitiy of terrifying all evil spirits such as 'maras' and 'rudras'. Exactly what I need for now :) BTW, check out the Book Section. The pic above comes from a website were a few sanskrit, chinese, Tibetan and universal symbols are. Fire might be the next move for me. If you want the full definition, get the Tibetan Encyclopedia.

Check the website.

by Yoso