The Start of a Back Piece & Orchids

butterfly orchid tattoo

Today, more preparation work for drawings in progress & Ordering gear and supplies. The highlight of the day is the start of a new inspiration for a NYC customer. We've agreed on a half back piece growing from the scapula to mid thigh and around the hip. I am starting a composition with flowers and butterflies, it is all growing in my mind and in my heart!

She is an orchid & Insects lover! So while we're still discussing all the elements. I felt inspired to start a butterfly orchid sketch! I love Flowers, I often visualise my future very old painting flowers as my main activity and pleasure! I feel this is going to be a really beautiful tattoo with loads of colours, details and soft textures! It will be a great opportunity to experiment with all the details that Japanese art and Japanese tattoo taught me. While keeping it realist with a touch of new style! Each of them are going to be like a mini shrine/temple. Like a temple of fertility!

All of them together will become a beautiful landscape of Love!

Enjoy! Y.


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by Yoso