Tattoo Book, A Thousand Tattoos by Taschen

*** 1000 TATTOOS , VOTED NUMBER ONE FOR QUALITY VS PRICE VS VARIETY OF STYLES ; A great inspiration Book *** Note: There is no comparison with the quality Book such as "Legacy, The Horiyoshi III Tradition, a photo book by Juan Puente" Those books are of very different quality! But the Taschen Book really reflect a variety of styles and genres, A perfect Entry point for people who love tattoos or want to find out more about the various style. I also find it intersting for tattoo collectors! A Fun and a great affordable gift! And also a great source of inspiration! It also includes a few Horiyoshi III Pics. However, if you are a true Horiyoshi III Fan! Or Japanese Style Lover! You'll already now, which book(s) you need to get!

1000 Tattoos (Taschen 25)

1000 Tattoos (Taschen 25) (Paperback)

A definitive one to get if you want a visual Book with all kind of tattoo styles. Low Price, and a huge collection of styles. Perfect for tattoo artist who want to guide and inspire their clients. Amazing Book to browse for anyone. Also a great gift for artists and designers alike. Thanks to Taschen for their democratic prices and visual Book concepts. All Pictures full page, from old sailor stuff, tribal, Japanese Style, dragons, lettering, tribal, american style along other things you would never find in contemporary tattoo magazines. If you haven't got it. Get it now :) So many styles, very handy Book. Real cheap Price too ($12 last time I checked). One I would recommend for all tattoo artists and also for people who want some background visual information before getting their first tattoos. At that price, you really can't get it wrong! Definitely one the best books for its variety and no non sense text.

1000 Tattoos (Taschen 25)

by Yoso