Tattoo artists! exorcism or Catharsis?

heart and demon What is the role of the tattoo artists nowadays? Why have tattoo artists in the past, and in the present have been so respected and in many cultures might have played  a role similar to shamans? Sometimes even feared or forced to hide. Can Tattoo really be categorised as fashionable? Even if one's does not really choose a tattoo for purely symbolic reasons. But rather as an emotional, intuitive choice. Tattoos are about true freedom! 

I can only talk from my own experiences... or at least based on my own believes as a tattoo artist, as an artist, and as a healer, and most importantly, as a human being on the spiritual path.

This questions crossed my mind many times, and some of you might have read about it in previous posts. I have had someone recently telling me how much power he felt from the Koi I am doing for him. Maybe a mind suggestion as some would say. Language plays a role in the way we evolve and live our life. However, energy itself and intentions plays at least an equal role in the equation when talking about Healing. For the purpose of this post! I would like to consider the potential of Catharsis through tattoo.

short extract from wikipedia:-

Catharsis (Ancient Greek: Κάθαρσις) is a Greek word meaning "purification", "cleansing" or "clarification." It is derived from the infinitive verb of Ancient Greek: καθαίρειν transliterated as kathairein "to purify, purge," and adjective Ancient Greek: καθαρός katharos "pure or clean."

Using the term "catharsis" to refer to a form of emotional cleansing was first done by the Greek philosopher Aristotle in his work Poetics. It refers to the sensation, or literary effect, that would ideally overcome an audience upon finishing watching a tragedy (a release of pent-up emotion or energy). In his previous works, he used the term in its medical sense (usually referring to the evacuation of the "katamenia", the menstrual fluid or other reproductive material).[1] Because of this, F. L. Lucas maintains that catharsis cannot be properly translated as purification or cleansing, but only as purgation. Since before Poetics catharsis was purely a medical term, Aristotle is employing it as a medical metaphor. "It is the human soul that is purged of its excessive passions."

I have now the responsibility to do a cover up for someone who I can feel has a great heart, very strong and very humble. Some people really make you feel their kindness. Tensions and problems can happen to everyone, even the kindest of all? Or can it?

It is almost a cliche. A heart tattooed on the left arm, with a name in the middle. A friend introduced him to me to see if I could help him in improving his tattoo. He told me the story, of betrayal, there is no point going in the details. Literally, he asked me to cross the name and make a demon grow from the heart. As literal as it can be, the symbolism is clear.

After giving it some thoughts. I started drawing more or less what he requested, except that I chose to make the heart, the demon, and above it a lotus flower shining with light and a Bonji, so that the demon would be purified, it would all become light. I am always hesitant of reinforcing an idea, or an experience, especially a negative one. Creating the Balance is an important aspect., but we can go beyond. We can not change our past, but we can definitely free ourselves to enjoy the moment. Learning from our experience is to be able to move on with a smile, healing is to remain open to the new experiences. Too often, I feel we base our relationships on the pattern we have created, our expectations, or the fear that things happen again. Letting it go, being open to the next moment. That is the way to be and to ensure that we can evolve in peace and confidence.

I'll come back to this post again. For now I want to say, that it reinforces my perception of quality tribal work.  I have decided to design a tribal based on Growth. This intrinsically will also mean healing. A big wave, wind, water, flow with life. I'll update this soon :) Thank you for your patience :)

by Yoso