Tattoo apprentice. Sexy tattoo or Sexy Girl?

Sexy tattoo on sexy girl and/or? :)

Sexy Back tattoo on sexy girl

I have noticed some people getting on the yoso blog, coz they're looking for videos on how to become a tattoo artist. See as many videos as you can. But please, if you are serious about tattoo. The best way to become a tattoo artist will be to find a master. Someone you know knows a tattoo artist. Make yourself a really cool book of drawings to tattoos and tattoo flash. Walk in in shops withit if necessary. Or find tattoo artists online. Your master will become a friend, if he is good. you'll start the aprenticeship, and you can be sure that the day he'll give you your machines, you'll be ready to fly. And you'll know you'll always have someone to rely on.

I have also noticed that the post on the sexiest tattoo chicks were successfull :) So here is another one I really Like :)

by Yoso