Summer time in Japan, Yakuza style!

Yakuza TattooI love the story and the pic on this! Great to see a big smile as opposed to the 'scary face' stereotype! Yakuza can be so welcoming for foreigners! You know the score, look at anyone in the 'wrong' way, they're likely to look at you in the same way! That far to be exclusive to the Yakuza world!


Me, the yakuza and their Australian ladies. At the beach - Wakayama. Yamaguchi-Gumi - Furushiyo-kai and Yamaken-Gumi. Note: there was a moat around us of people who moved away when we arrived...

We all spent the night out at Underlounge in Osaka. They told me that they were all going to the beach the next day. They knew that Chad had just returned to the US so wanted to cheer me up. I ended up going straight to the beach from the club. Madness.

We travelled in a convoy of suped-up Japanese cars. Everyone was still drunk. We went super fast. I got worried at one point because we stopped and they got out to talk to a policeman. Turns out they were asking him for directions. Cheeky.

These guys were some of the nicest I knew in Japan. The guy in the middle is called Terao. Didn't speak any English, but that didn't matter!


:: Coming from our Yakuza Spirit Flickr Group

by Yoso