Shige Tattoo liner by Sunskin

Shige Tattoo liner by Sunskin tattoo Today after much impatience I received this beautiful liner through the post. The delivery man with his usual smile, still wondering how comes he sees me so often,  with his humble attitude gave me the parcel and asked me to sign. Deep in me it almost feels like a religious experience. I thanked him again twice once I had closed the door. Without their kind service I would have to walk miles to get all the gear I select carefully to ensure I can produce some of the best work in this world. For the good of all sentient beings.

I carefully opened the box to reveal this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I obviously trust it when someone like Shige puts his name on it. I wouldn't have expected any less from him. But holding it in my hand it did hit me. A mirror effect when one's put his whole soul and being in their passion for the good of all and life on earth! Simply priceless! A sacred yet humble chain of events and intentions that connects us all! The craftsmen at sunskin really produced something really tight and with such a beautiful HUM sound.  Such a finish, and all the details and silver elements that really proves again why Italians are and have been so famous about their art, design and craftsmanship for generations.

The whole things just seems tuned to the perfection. Everything just fits without any room for mistakes. You can feel the evolution and it feels rock solid, yet you know that this is the kind of tool you treat with respect and gentleness. It has been a few years I decided to slow down to find out the true meaning of that art form, It is time to take my soul art to a whole new level!

Get tuned in tattoo lovers! The next line in your skin will awaken the soul like never before!

Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso