Phoenix Back Piece Sketch concept.

Phoenic Back Piece sketch concept We have had quite a few requests recently asking Yoso aka Horitama to design Tattoos for people in other countries.�This phoenix has been custom design based on the client's story and the desired positioning on the body, we will tattoo it at our next travel in Europe which usually happens a couple of time a year for business and pleasure.

If for any reasons we think it is more appropriate to have a tattoo artist closer to you to tattoo it, We would create the design and recommend you to one of our favourite friends to tattoo you. You obviously always have the opportunity to come to Japan to get it tattooed to if you wish to travel.

Yoso requests a commission for the design, and for people who need to travel to us to get a tattoo we offer preferential prices for the tattoo sessions (around $100/hour) as we know the cost of travel is considered in the price of the tattoo. We want you to enjoy Japan! Alternatively, if you wish us to create a design for you, or to get it tattooed when we next come to Europe (next trip planned around feb/march), simply get in touch!

Enjoy your tattoo journey! Y.

by Yoso