Old School Japanese Tattoo

Roshi Ensei lifting a heavy beam I have decided to see how I could develop my 'new style' based on very old school Japanese Tattoo as seen in the old prints! What I am especially interested by here is to use this style as background with quite colourful and painting style foreground elements with loads of details and maybe some hidden patterns within the dark blue areas! This is going to work really well I can feel it!  Even if Black and Sumi turn blue after a while  in the sun and with skin cycles. I think I'm going to mix my Sumi and my black with a touch of purple and a touch of blue to see what happens! Stay tuned to see some designs and studies soon! If any of you want to commission me in this specific style! Get in touch!

Background Info about the print seen above

Japan Edo period, about AD 1827-30

This print, by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861), is one of a series depicting 108 heroes of the Chinese adventure story Shuihu zhuan ('The Water Margin'), which was sensationally popular in a translation that appeared in Japan in the early decades of the nineteenth century. The wrestler's snow-white body was decorated at an early age by a master tattoo artist with an elaborate all-body design of peonies and Chinese shishi (leonine creatures).

Kuniyoshi's prints frequently feature tattoos, and many of his designs have entered the mainstream of modern tattooing.

by Yoso