Nozarashi Gosuke carrying a long sword

Nozarashi_Gosuke_carryimg_a_long_sword 歌川国芳 (Utagawa Kuniyoshi, 1798 - 1861)

He is the hechman for the robber chief Nippon Daemon Rihei He is known as a street knight They lived by a strict code of honour which dictated that they always must assist townpeople in need. this theme is subject of a popular kabuki play. They are like the Japanese Robin Hoods.

NOZARASHI MOTIF (着物にみられる野晒図) About kimono, sometimes we come across the motifs of ghost or skull bone. Men's kimono have them comparatively often compared to women's one. If we find them in vintage kimono, the price must be very high for its raritys. Once I have seen a beautiful ghost motif yuzen kimono offered at an auction, pirce was amazingly high. Skull bones motif is called 'Nozarashi', which means ' bodies exposed('sarasu') in the field('no'). There are some folk or horror tales about Nozarashi, and it was seem to be popular motif at a term. Nozarashi was considered to be a symbol of the kind, which means the courage or preparedness. Nozarashi motif in the shoubou banten(firemen's jacket) is the very good sample of it. (From Nozarashi).

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