Miami Ink, LA Ink, Amazing Tribal Art

[youtube=SGsWIbdNCBQ] Most of you, will now the Famous LA Ink and Miami INK. Entertaining and worth a watch for all tattoo lovers. Even if its is not always the greatest tattoos, I like their battles. 

I have just found a few episodes of 'Amazing Tribal Art' on Youtube, which gives you more insights about the various ways of working and the tattoo history.

Not comprehensive, but really refreshing compared to Miami Ink, and LA ink. At least we get out of the small studio bubble. Travel from New Zealand, to Hawaii. A session with Horiyoshi III , Tattoos made as sewing. A visit to Candy Ink and their ultra violet Ink. And a visit in Jail to check out some of the criminals tattoos. It ends with eye balls tattoo, and a session in LA at Zulu's studio!

You love Tattoos :) Why not watch it to satisfy your curiosity :) Or simply to past time :)

6 episodes on Youtube! Enjoy!

by Yoso