Mad KingYo, New Style Japanese Tattoo Flash


  ) Oh My buddha

Very Own KingYo Style :) For those of you who don't know, The KingYo is the japanese goldfish. Often mixed with Koy's for people who have never seenn them in real. This one is not real either, Quite spontaneous :) Here, I am kind of trying to develop a new tattoo style that feels very personal to me. Fairly similar to the two other flashes I have posted before in style. Mix of japanese patterns (But not exclusive to Traditional Japanese Tattoo style, but rather inspired from Traditional Japanese Art such as kimonos).

I am kind of blending tribal, to Japanese with a personal touch. Still an early stage, but I really feel I am developing a new style that will suits what I am trying to do.

Obviously up to more freehand and experimental stuff. But for now, that's what I am going to explore.


If  you are into KingYos, I highly recommend this book. A mix of really cool High Quality Photographs with amazing macros, and also some really cool illustrations of King Yo's made in japan, and maybe also in China. It includes the history of King Yo, and how their motifs have been used in craft and arts. A really inspiring book for designers and Tattoo artists. Perfect example of a good mix between traditional and contemporary style. 

Check out the Book King YO

by Yoso