Koi & Lotus study for Japanese Tattoo Sleeve

Koi & Lotus Study, Japanese Tattoo Koi & Lotus Study Based on  traditional Japanese/Chinese Sumi Style. Ironically what could be considered as new style Japanese Tattoo if on Skin. I find that painting a lot again for my studies really open my mind and generates more ideas for the tattoos I design. Thanks again to all the tattoo artists who brought Japanese Tattoo with the painting qualities & the Sumi feel. I have in mind here Shige, Gotch & Gakkin. But I thanks all of you! Painting a reflection of the subconscious to be carved on the skin. This is going to be a beautiful piece when I finish with it. I feel it! this detail is to be used in a sleeve design with a lot more elements. Here I wanted to explore the depth and what I call multi layer carving. Also  working out harmony and composition. It might not be obvious on screen But when looking at it on paper, what I really enjoy is the feeling of unity of each element, and the elements coming together. I.e. I can look at the lotus or the Koi without being disturbed by anything, or the koi and the lotus & water as a unit, yet I can look at the overall picture and still see it as a 'simple' image at the first gaze, while wonder in details and textures if I want.  This is a fairly quick first study! Looking forward to see how I evolve with this. Anyway! blurb! I'll keep working :)

by Yoso