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Extract from the Book The Japanese Tattoo , Japanese Tattoo Tattoo of Kintaro, Traditional japanese Tattoo by horikin

Horikin, A Japanese traditional tattoo artist, here turns his attention to Kintaro (Golden Boy), one of the most popular characters in all Japanese folklore and fact, combining a local fertility god with an actual historical figure. Kintaro was a child, a sort of superboy, whose prodigious strength and perseverance have served as an ideal for a thousand years. Naked and red-complexioned, the child is depicted in art as fighting and subduing a giant carp. The legend of Kintaro is central to the celebration of Boy's Day each year on May 5. Families with sons fly paper streamers or cloth carp on tall poles outside their houses to symbolize their Kintaros within. The carp (koi) is King of the River Fish for eating. One ancient Chinese tale tells of how a brave carp leapt a waterfall and became a dragon. The carp when caught awaits the knife without flinching.

I highly recommend this book if you ae into Japanese Tattoos. Reasonable Price for very good photographs. For serious Japanese Tattoo lovers, However, this would not be my first choice.

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