Japanese Tattoo Tour! By our friends @ Gomineko. This Christmas!

japanese_tattoo_sensulaiity_tattoo Gomineko Tours - 1st run Dec. 3 - 13th. Run away to Tokyo this x-mas!! Book now for a Dream Tour for Tattoo artists in thirst of Japanese culture!

Wanna pass on this year’s holiday stress and forced consumerism and run away from home? We think you should! Come play with us in Tokyo!!

Gomineko Books is running the first annual x-mas tour of Tokyo tailored specifically to tattoo enthusiast. 10 days of seeing the sights, meeting the legends, and thoroughly embracing the seedy underbelly of this amazing city and all you have to do is get here. No need to struggle with the language, or local currency, or deal with confusing maps and train systems…we’ll take care of all that.

Through the bookstore I have had the privilege of being involved in the Japanese tattoo community for the last 10 years and have arranged for you to meet some of the top tier artists here as well as see the relevant cultural sights to further you tattoo career. 10 days in Tokyo will help you understand the hidden world of Japanese tattooing. Moreover, it will provide a more thorough understanding of Japanese culture and aesthetics. The Japanese tattoo world is often inaccessible and hard to navigate…we’ll take the footwork out of your networking. If you want to get an authentic Japanese tattoo while you are here we can arrange that as well. You’ll also have the opportunity to spend an afternoon going through my bookstore as well. : )

The idea is to take a bunch of like minded, fun (please, please don’t sign on if you have no sense of humor) people to our favorite haunts and hangs. We will visit all the nearby temples and shrines, we’ve arranged for a day with Horishi who will give a tebori seminar, we’ll take a short boat trip over to Asakusa, go to the Horiyoshi III museum and Kyosai museum, we’ll take you to see the Rockabilly kids dance in Yoyogi park, some of the downtown Blade Runner-esque areas, to see the Harajuku goth kids and if you’re lucky, and behave yourselves, we’ll go out to some of Japan insane underground clubs and see all the debauchery there…we actually may have to get you to sign a waiver for that evening.

We’ve arranged to rent out a floor in this old kitchy 70’s hotel right in the heart of Shibuya - the youth culture mecca. The hotel is in a great area, nightlife is close at hand, as well as cafes, great restaurants, bars, clubs and fantastic shopping.

The tour will run 12/3 - 12/13 and you will need to book a flight into Narita airport on the third of December. The tour includes accommodations, guides, seminars, all travel and entrance fees…..basically everything except for food and drinks. Because this is out first run, rates will be just above overhead.

We are really looking forward to launching this project and expect it to be quite an adventure. Please let us know your thought and ideas and we'll keep our eyes and ears upcoming events that will make this trip unforgettable!

For Booking, or more information! Please contact GOmineko Tours

by Yoso