Japanese Tattoo Sleeve, Lions, Dusk & Dawn

japanese tattoo lion sleeve This is a piece in progress. Celebrating life's forces when subconscious and conscious unite. Set at what could be perceived as a sunset or a sunrise. The mysterious time where the light shine with all its beauty revealing the sacred pink that appears at every start and end of day, where colours and shadows play on our minds. The powerful shift from day to night, or night to day, a sacred moment, being one with life, we can shift and embrace our goals. The back of the piece is an underwater scene. You might be able to see a fragment of the koi. I am looking forward to tattoo this one when I meet the right person! This is the first draft for that concept. You can buy a scan digital download a3 format here!

I am selling the orginal for 50.000 YEN plus delivery (Life Size). Also, Copies on A3 good quality Paper for 3000 YEN + Delivery. Or high Resolution Scan (A3)  by email for 3000 YEN. If you are interested, please contact me.

by Yoso