Japanese Tattoo Inspiration Book, 魂, Soul vol. 01, Invitation to Tattoo Artists!

Test Magazine cover, Tattoo by Horikyo, Photograph by Anton Kusters

We have sent invitations to a few artists we like so that we can include their work in the first issue of our Japanese Tattoo inspiration book, read below If you are a tattoo artist working from Japan or creating Japanese Style Tattoo.

The Concept is evolving, we welcome all kind of visual inspirations that reflects on traditional and contemporary Japanese visual culture. Whether you are Japanese, have travelled to Japan, or simply create work that is heavily influenced by Japanese Culture. Send us your work so that we can include it in our first volume! Drawings, sketches, photographs, fabric patterns, Kimono Design, spirituality. All is welcome for review!

Confirmed Submissions

  • 2 Crow tattoo Studio
  • Anton Kusters
  • Bonten Horitoken
  • Boobies Tattoo Nagoya
  • Cacau Tattoo
  • Catclaw Tattoo
  • Ching Yao
  • Christopher Johansson
  • Connitiva Tattoo
  • Daniel Blickle
  • Daniel Carson
  • Darin Maunders
  • Davide Citro
  • Don pamintuan
  • George Davis
  • Harizanmai
  • Hirotaka Mano
  • Horiokami
  • Horitama
  • Horiren
  • Horitake
  • Jordi Pinzell
  • Kouichi
  • Matt Lyon
  • Meow
  • Shodai Masashi
  • Spiky Tattoo
  • Tattoo your light
  • Ten Ten Tattoo
  • Bazui Chobel
  • Hiroshige
  • Hokusai
  • Kawanabe Kyosai
  • Kusumi Morikage
  • Suzuki Kiitsu
  • Tokugawa Yoshinobu
  • Toyokuni Utagawa III
  • Ueno Jakugen
  • Yoshitsuya

Initial Invitation


Tattoo Artist様  


















紹介文 :








写真のファイル名 : I.e. myfile.jpg




画像フォーマット:  Jpg, jpeg, png ( 推奨100%,高画質)

画像サイズ:インターネット用サイズ(72dpi). 高解像度(150から300 dpi)を推奨します(最高300 dpiまで)。印刷する際に美しく反映されます。














Dear Tattoo Artist,

We have been following your work over the last few years. We have a great respect for the work you produce, and have always found it a great source of inspiration.

Every month, we have around 30.000 visitors (and growing) who come to our website to find Japanese Tattoo artists and Japanese Tattoo Information. Many of our readers contact us to help them find tattoo studios in Japan. We do our best to answer to everyone and guide them according to the style of tattoo they want and the cities they will visit in Japan. We have decided that it would be more useful and beautiful to create a magazine and a directory so that people in the western world can find the Japanese Tattoo artists they like the most. It is still very hard for people outside Japan to find Japanese Tattoo artist. We also want to promote the best of Japanese Tattoo for people who already know Japanese Tattoo. We hope this will help people who want to get tattooed in Japan. Recently, we have also been approached by a publisher to make a book about Asian Tattoo. We are considering the publisher's project. We have decided to  start with our own project by Yoso Tattoo for Tattoo Lovers!

We invite you to contribute to the new publication we want to create.

The Magazine, will consist of Tattoo pictures, and tattoo studio listing, exclusively from Japan. We welcome all kind of tattoo styles, Traditional and new style Japanese Tattoos. With a special Japanese touch! All subjects are welcome. We accept pictures of Tattoo Flash, Tattoo outlines, Tattoos in progress. Back Piece, One Point Tattoos, Etc. We hope you can send us your best pictures and your best tattoos so that we can include them in our magazine. We would appreciate if you could send us the work that you think will inspire people the most. You are very welcome to forward this to other Japanese Tattoo artists you know create inspiring work! Underground or official tattoo studios

Guidelines :

Basic Information that would be useful to our readers! You can send as many pictures as you want!

Contact Details:

Studio Name:

Studio website:

Studio address:

Tattoo Artist Name:


for each picture :

File name: I.e. myfile.jpg

Artist Name:

Picture Title:

Any other information you want to add:

Image Quality and Image format:

Image Format: Jpg, jpeg, png (Ideally 100%, Best Quality)

Image Size: Internet ready size is welcome (72dpi). However we would prefer high resolution (150 to 300 dpi). If you can send us the highest resolution you have (maximum 300 dpi). It will be better quality printed.

We will try to get one tattoo per page, so that the focus is on the tattoo. We will only put more than one tattoo per page when we think it works best in combination. Or if the resolution of the image is not good enough.

Image Selection:

We might not be able to include all the photographs we receive in our first issue. In case some pictures are not included in our first issue, we will do our best to include them in the following issues.

We do not offer any payment for the pictures we include. By sending us the picture we understand we can publish them in our magazine (with your name included) and on our website. We hope this will bring more people from abroad to your studio. In our eyes, even more importantly. We really want people to be inspired for their next tattoo by Looking at Japanese Tattoo.

If you have any questions, please contact

Kindest regards


by Yoso