Traditional Japanese Tattoo, Horiyoshi III's Horikitsune aka Alex Reinke

:: From Holy Fox Tattoo Tattoo by Horikitsune

For centuries the art of Irezumi is produced and developed. This traditional japanese craftsmanship is a pure form of oriental art and it is in complete harmony with the human body and soul. It underlines the individuality of its wearer and is of high precision and quality. With its histotic figures and other traditional motives the japanese tattoo is no trend phenomenon but a high class piece of art of stunning beauty. Alex Reinke aka Horikitsune is the only european who was taken as a student of the world famous tattoo artist Horiyoshi III in Yokohama, Japan. He reached mastership in 2001.

:: Visit Alex Reinke's website! One of the leading Traditional Japanese Artists residing in Europe! Holy Fox Tattoo

by Yoso