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Akilla a.k.a HoriYamato Benkei by 彫倭 Akilla a.k.a. Horiyamato

Dragon by 彫倭 Akilla a.k.a. Horiyamato

Tiger by 彫倭 Akilla a.k.a. Horiyamato

Hinagiku-Kannon by Akilla a.k.a HoriYamato

Shad a.k.a. Hori-Tsukikage from Brussels.

Shad a.k.a. Hori-Tsukikage from Brussels.

For those of you who like the Horitoshi's family. I want to introduce you to 彫倭 Akilla a.k.a. Horiyamato, who runs Tattoo Soul. A strong respect for traditions and an open mind for Gaijins too :)

And as the world is getting smaller, and passion travels the world. A quick "clin d'oeil" at Shad a.k.a. Hori-Tsukikage from Brussels who happened to tattoo Horiyamato. Yes we love traditions! May they stay alive and travel the world through the heart of people who commit their love and life to it! So see you all sooner or later :)

Also for background information, an older interview (taken from Tokyo Journal) from Horitoshi 1. It is my understanding that Horitoshi 1 did a lot in opening Japanese Traditions to the western world, so does Horiyamato - as along other things, by connecting to the Tattoo world abroad, and by welcoming foreigners.

Also, Please read the Horitoshi Interview.


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