Dragon Tattoo Sleeve

Dragon Tattoo sleeve flash First Draft of a Dragon Sleeve so that I can visualise and discuss with the client. This is done very fast to have some kind of idea. The final design will be unique for this client and include a lot more depth and only black and white. I always like to take it slowly and discuss the concept in depth before marking the skin. it is kind of slowly assisting at the growth in the womb before the birth i.e. The first lines in the skin. We have now decided that it would include more lotuses (which I am somehow tempted to make soft pinks and white - would be very nice contrast with the back and grey, we have also decided that it would cover almost half of the back. I wasn't too sure about this, but will take the time to draw it anyway. Better try on paper first. In any case, I'll make sure that it can still be balanced and coherent as a back piece in case he decides to expand at a later stage. Then We'll have a good spring board to start drawing on the skin, adapting flow, placement, etc. I have got a feeling this preparation sketch is going to take a while! Stay tuned to see the evolution!

by Yoso