Business Culture, Tattoo and piercing policies

face tattoo Well, well, well. Warning!!! What will happen to Human Freedom when the corporations do not allow people to tattoo themselves or pierce themselves! Is this some kind of fascism? Or simple ignorance! Too many people are simply judged based on their apearance! Why the **** don't you simply take the time to know these people before you elaborate any kind of judgment! Anyone think they are god? Are you always focused on your actions based on love and compassion? If you are really! I doubt you would judge anyone!

We could agree that the pic above might be extreme, as considered by most people. Facial Tattoos are simply 'too much'. Never forget, that's your own judgment, don't try to impose it on others. The irony from my own point of view, is that you are unlikely to get a job at MC donald's if you have a facial tattoo! Corporate Policy?, mmm. maybe! But what about feeding people shit that is likely to make them ill? What about their productions lines? Have you ever seen how they treat animals?

Extract from one article worth a read! And a really good website!

"So far, the courts have sided with companies who restrict tattoos and body piercing,saying as long as they are not discriminating based on race, sex, age or sexual preference, the company has the right to create policies on "dress code."

The question is how realistic are these dress codes? If tattooing has reached critical mass than shouldn't companies relook at these policies?"

personal note :) : so many policies to reviews in global companies! No really! Should we all act like robots anyway!

* Modified Mind website here *Article here

by Yoso