Arabic Tattoo, ‘home’ written in Arabic

arabic home This is simply Home!

home double Home doubled, but with skew symmetry!

arabic script home symmetry Another symmetry variation on ‘home’, with the two words morphing into each other !

Info, Arabic Tattoo:

I have always been inspired by Arabic writing! Such beautiful and elegant forms. I am a little bit ignorant on the topic, but I believe that Arabic is supposed to be a sacred language. In some ways Like all languages I suppose. And ideally as should be all forms of expressions. Looking at English in contemporary culture, It seems that modern English has become more of a 'practical' than poetic language. Apologise to all academics and poets. I am not ignoring English poetry and litterature. And again I am little bit ignorant. But I don't think that we will ever write anything else than sacred meaning with sanskrit either.

Anyway, it is always difficult to understand Arabic of you haven't really studied the language. It also seems that many people can speak Arabic, but not really write it. Especially for second generations immigrant who usually shifted to their new home language.

If you want a tatto written in Arabic or Persian, Ii recommend you to contact that guy for the design and caligraphy. If you know anyone else who is good at it. Please let us know! I am sure this will prove very valuable to people who really want to get a little step closer to this beautiful language.

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by Yoso