Phoenix tattoo, Chest Piece


Phoenix Tattoo Chest Piece continued in Valencia. Thank you very much for your strength and Patience! I know its is a challenging piece with much sweat and blood! Looking forward to see you soon for the continuation!

I am Currently in Miyazaki, Next trip to Europe 25.10-25.11 (Brussels/Zurich/Valencia) Happy Summer! Y.

by Yoso

Japanese Tattoo, Zurich - Valencia


In Zurich Till the 15th of July! Next stop is Valencia! 15th-25th of July! Barcelona and Brussels still considered for end of July! Happy Summer! Y.

by Yoso

Japanese Tattoo Zurich


New Phoenix Tattoo started in Switzerland, work in progress! I Should be in the Zurich area until around mid July. Valencia still considered! Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso

Japanese Tattoo, Sparrow Tattoo


Start of  New Tattoo Sleeve with a sparrow on the chest! I will land in Brussels mid June, Zurich from end of June for a couple of weeks, then a jump to Valencia with a final trip back to Brussels before going back to Japan. I Should be in Europe till end of July or end of August at the latest. Get in touch if you wish to book some tattoo time as the schedule will fill up quickly. Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso

Rooster Tattoo


Rooster Tattoo Sleeve in Progress! Almost there! Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso

Summer Tattoo Tour 2017


Updated travel dates for the next few months! Small Summer tour from mid June to mid August.

If you live in Europe, hit me up, so that I can plan my trip accordingly! Guest Spots welcome. Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso

Japanese Tattoo Switzerland


Hello All! A quick update on my travels and plans for 2017! I have to spend more time in Brussels for new and ongoing projects! The Zurich/Luzern trip is getting closer and should happen any time from Early March to around June! (Guest spots welcome) Valencia is greatly missed and I am currently accepting new clients in that area! Stuttgart is an option I am currently considering! Tokyo will be around Late May and around October! Thailand and Australia are two countries I really wish to visit soon, so new customers or guest spots opportunities are welcome!

Enjoy! Gassho! Y.

by Yoso

Tiger Tattoo


Tiger Tattoo in progress (made in Brussels), Next stop Zurich/Luzern? Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso

Samurai Tattoo


New Samurai Tattoo in progress! Currently in Brussels, Next stop Zurich! Valencia, Tokyo, London still open!

by Yoso

Brussels Zurich Tattoo 2017


Will be in Brussels and Zurich to tattoo during January and February 2017.

Contact by email please. Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso

Tattoo Bruxelles


In Brussels Until next update! Probably Mid Dec Early Jan!

by Yoso

Dragon Sumi


Detail of Dragon Sumi from the flow series.

by Yoso

Dragon Tattoo


Dragon Tattoo! Europe see you soon, Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso

Dragon Meditation

Meditation, Brush work and ki developmend merging into one practice. A great inspiration for life and further tattoo work. Enjoy. Y.

by Yoso

Tatouage Japonais, Bruxelles

I will be back in Brussels end of this year for more Japanese Tattoo. Une nouvelle visite a Bruxelles fin de cette année pour les fans de tatouage Japonais. Contact by email. Enjoy! Y

by Yoso