Koi Back Piece Tattoo Concept


Koi Back Piece - Body Suit Tattoo Concept.

Over the last few months, I came up with a few designs to develop a fresher approach to Japanese Tattoo.
Still studying symbolism and playing with visual styles. If any of you are interested in this style! Hit me up!

Best wishes.


Next Trip!

Brussels & Zurich (Summer 2019) - Booking Open

A few spots left! Bookings
For Other locations, please send me an email.

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by Yoso

Oni Body Suit


Form or no form?
Truth or dare? truth or hide?
Pure flow and energy!

Is it to each one of us, to find the truth? 
If that ever makes sense, as we embrace or try to avoid duality.

If life is a mirror, are we the light or the reflection?
Can we even pretend we clearly know the difference?
Is it our role to share what we see and feel?

While raw, primal, anger, fear, disturbance are not even tolerated,
Can we even be sure of what appears to the eye? Or to the ear?

Do we have to hide?
The fluffy, soft, pink, generous feeling offered to us?
Does it lead us towards self realisation? Freedom?
Does it manifest a hidden agenda?

The subtile energies never lie…
how often are we aware of them?
How much practice does it take?

Talk to me, I love you, I wish you the best!
You are not listening, you do not love me, you do not understand, I hate you!

The path of self realisation makes us understand the tricks we play on ourselves and on others.

Once understood, can anyone play the same tricks on us? 
Do we assume the same roles?

Does it even matter?

When at the core, we are still dealing with the same poles.
Love, fear and hate, intertwined, can we even escape?

What is beyond?
Could it be compassion?

So great to get lost, expanding the spectrum and redefining boundaries!

Thank you all for your inspiration!

Next trip to Europe in a few months.
Currently accepting a few more commissions!

Please email with your requests!
you are welcome to link up on Instagram for further designs!

Gassho! Y.

by Yoso

Koi back piece tattoo design


Koi back piece tattoo design! Exploring new styles for 2019! 

love the black work, with plenty of options for a cover up, and abstractions! 

Next trip to Europe in a few months.
you are welcome to link up on Instagram for further designs!

Please email with your requests!

Gassho! Y.

by Yoso

Phoenix Tattoo Design, Body Suit


Phoenix Body Suit Design! Exploring a new style for 2019!

Form or no form? Pure flow and energy!

So great to get lost, expanding the spectrum and redefining boundaries!
I still have to dig deeper. but am definitely discovering some new aspects of the tattoo journey!

Next trip to Europe in a few months.
you are welcome to link up on Instagram for further designs!

Please email with your requests!

Gassho! Y.

by Yoso

2019 Yoso Style


Exploring new concepts for 2019! I am slowly developing a more personal style that expresses the Japanese tattoo symbolism and energy, while resonating with the soul’s need for expression. Step by step the journey continues! Looking forward to the years ahead! Planning my next trips to Europe for 2019. You are welcome to contact with your requests. If you wish to see more of the upcoming designs! Welcome to link up on Instagram. Gassho! Y.

by Yoso

Japan 2018


Back in Japan! Next trip to Europe in a few months! Bangkok, Sidney still considered! For requests, please contact Enjoy! Y.

by Yoso

Brussels Tattoo August 2018


Hello All! Small Travel update! I will be in Brussels to tattoo from early August until Early-mid September! Get in touch for small or big projects! Best wishes! Y.

by Yoso

Europe Summer 2018


Landing in Zurich Next week!  Followed by Brussels! I Should be in Europe until around early early-mid September!  Please email with your requests.

Happy Summer! Y.

by Yoso

Miyazaki, in Search of a Sanctuary

I do get many requests from people to tattoo them in Tokyo and Kyoto. Those are cities that are definitely worth a trip, however I encourage some of you to visit Miyazaki, a hidden paradise!

While the bigger cities offer a lot more excitement, it is often when you get closer to the country side that you get a chance to experience the kindness of the Japanese people, and the beautiful Japanese nature. Miyazaki has definitely become a sanctuary for me.

The food is awesome, the air is clean, the weather is beautiful! My favourite airport in the world, as it is small, friendly, without any queues or stress, and if you surf, it is the perfect location to visit!

Wishing to share this beautiful side of Japan with some of the people who travel to Japan to get tattooed, I decided to cut my prices in half for those of you that would visit from abroad, this should definitely cover for your expenses as you will need to invest a little more to get to an unknown side of Japan. South East, it is, towards relaxation and the origin of what life might be! Probably one of the most beautiful sunrise you could witness! A great chance to drop your ego, take a vacation and become one with your surroundings!

Wishing you all a happy journey!



by Yoso

Summer 2018


I will be spending the next three months in Japan (Miyazaki with a jump to Tokyo), Landing in Europe early August. Starting with Zurich, then Brussels! (London, Barcelona or other european destinations considered). 

Please email with your requests.

by Yoso

Japanese Tattoo


Currently in Brussels, accepting Appointments for Zurich, London, Miyazaki, Tokyo & Helsinki for 2018 .

Contact :

by Yoso

2018 Bookings


Accepting Appointments for Brussels Zurich, London, Miyazaki, Tokyo & Helsinki for 2018 .

Details from work in progress, done in Zurich! Half Sleeve created around an existing Tattoo (in Yellow)

Contact :

by Yoso