I do get many requests from people to tattoo them in Tokyo and Kyoto. Those are cities that are definitely worth a trip, Appointments can be organised, however I encourage you to visit Miyazaki, South East of Kyushu, a hidden paradise!

While the bigger cities offer a lot more excitement, it is often when you get closer to the country side that you get a chance to experience the kindness of the Japanese people, and the beautiful Japanese nature. Miyazaki has definitely become a sanctuary for me.

The food is awesome, the air is clean, the weather is beautiful! My favourite airport in the world, as it is small, friendly, without any queues or stress! Miyazaki is also easily accessible by train or with an overnight ferry from Kobe, and if you surf, it is the perfect location to visit!

Wishing to share this beautiful side of Japan with some of the people who travel to Japan to get tattooed and to my clients from outside Japan, I have decided to cut my prices in half for those of you that would visit from abroad. This should definitely cover for your expenses as you will need to invest a little more to get to an unknown side of Japan. South East, it is, towards relaxation and the origin of what life might be! Probably one of the most beautiful sunrise you could witness! A great chance to drop your ego, take a vacation and become one with your surroundings!

Wishing you all a happy journey!