Kakushibori, JapaneseTattoo Hidden from the eye!

KakushiboriTattoo by Horiyoshi III? Looks like his style :)

"The insides of upper arms are usually hidden from eyes of other people. Inner upper arms are the place for fun tattooing or joke tattooing. In other words, people who see are limited to your family and/or your lover. Most designs are erotica but I have heard of some people who have tattooed Picachu or Doraemon. I have had erotica tattooed but I think they are very artistic."

Yoso has a crane, to symbolise his life partner. Now We're wondering if the concept of Kakushiboru could also be applied to inner tights, or pretty much any area that people do not see when looking at you from the 'outside'. True that near the arm pit, especially on your left hand side, is closed to your heart! having a 'secret', 'intimate tattoo there', really brings some magic to your life. It is very close to your 'inner self' for the rest of the journey.

Does anyone know? Please leave your comments!

Thank you! Arigato!


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by Yoso