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Studio Ghibli Complete 28 Dvd Collector's

Studio Ghibli Complete 28 Dvd Collector’s
(UK), Starting Price @ £70.00!!! A must Buy, perfect gift for adults and children! 24 Movies from Studio Ghibli! That’s not even £ 3.00 a movie!!! I put my name on it!!!! Honestly!!!! Simply the Best Anime to date, except maybe for Akira. And naruto if you follow the series, not the movies. Honestly, at that price, don’t bother getting the individual titles. unless this is too much for you! If you can choose the top 5 once you have watched all of them! I guarantee you you can watch them at least once a year and never get bored of it! Ghibli beats walt disney! Free thinking! Full imagination! 100% Japanese! Ok the thumbnail is not so impressive! Trust me! This is the best you can get if you think animation for adults and/or for children! By far it beats most Hollywood production, boom boom, baam, baam, enemy? everywhere! Honestly Ghibli studios open your mind and imagination, and that is, also with a lot of good humor! I’ll post better thumbnails soon to convince you if you do not know them yet! for sure if you already know Ghibli studio! You’ll already know what I mean!

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