Dragon Phoenix Poster

Dragon Phoenix A2 Posters

 JPY 7700 / Approx. $65.00 (Paypal conversion rate varies). Including EMS Express Delivery (Japanese DHL) with online tracking number, (5-8 days approx. – will vary according to postal networks). We deliver to Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Carribean, Europe & the US. Dragon Phoenix A2 Print width:42cm Height:59cm, Printed on Velvet Fine […]

Japanese Waves, Water.


A fresh start so it seems! One wave at a time. New Japanese waters/Landscapes designs for body suits or partial body design in progress! Don’t hesitate to hit me up if its the kind of stuff you want to explore. Some pure flow coming your way. Enjoy! Y.  

Tao, Shaolin, Back Piece Tattoo, London


Model: Dom Dumaresq , Photographer: Richard Stow Thank you for the great shot, Work done around 2-3 Years ago. Looking forward to Get This framed on the new studio wall for the good vibe! Many thanks! :)


Sakura Jersey

The Sakura Jersey I made in collaboration with babici is now available on their website! http://babici.cc/ It is a limited edition so order soon if you want one! Enjoy the summer! Y.

Japanese Tattoo Europe

Japan & Europe

Back in Japan, A special thanks to everyone for their warm welcome and the awesome time spent together! Next Trip to Europe in June 2016. Enjoy! Y.

Japanese Tattoo London

London Feb 2015

  Currently in London, Landing in Valencia (Spain) on Wednesday 25th of Feb for a few days before making my way back to Belgium Early March, then Japan.  Hit me up by email. Enjoy. Y.