Studying Horiyoshi III

Studying Horiyoshi III: A Westerner’s Journey into Japanese Tattoo

Studying Horiyoshi: No. 3: A Westerner’s Journey into Japanese Tattoo (Schiffer Book) (Paperback) 8 1/2″ x 11″, 271 photographs, 160 pages, soft cover

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The Master’s Master! Horiyoshi III. Probably the most famous
Japanese Tattoo artist worldwide. With a countless number of Publications
and collectible Prints and designs highly praised by the most serious tattoo artists out there!

Every serious tattoo artist is likely to study Horiyoshi III and its legacy!
The man responsible for making a huge amount of people wanting to become tattoo artist! Or get a Japanese Tattoo.

Studying Horiyoshi III, A westerner’s journey into Japanese Tattoo, by Horiyuki, Student of Horiyoshi III , should prove a good reference for anyone who wants to find out more about Japanese Tattoo and its culture!

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